Additional service Aqua Relax: ecstasy will not take long

Coming to us for relaxation in the form of erotic massage, you have to be prepared that this trip will bring you an unforgettable experience. We can offer those things which you have never experienced before in your life. A wave of emotions will cover you after the first minutes of session. You will not want the girl to stop. And why does she have to do it? She is prepared to do everything to make you feel not like a normal person, but like a heavenly being.

Addition to erotic massage

Aqua Relax with dazzling beauty

You can be sure that nobody will leave you without affection, tenderness, explosive emotions.  In addition, we have described above, you can also order something incomparable – additional service Aqua Relax. This type of massage is absolutely incomparable to anything else. You will find yourself with a girl in a bath. Yes, yes you are not mistaken. The two bodies will be pampered in a huge bath with lots of foam. How does not go crazy because of that? You are surrounded by candles and wine and you have a wonderful companion that masterfully able to do erotic massage and can bring you to the highest point and desired pleasure. Just imagine it, the whole body is already beginning to shake. After all, feelings that overtake you are truly beautiful and happy.

Aqua Relax includes:

  1. Magnificent bath with a naked girl.
  2. Beautiful masseuse with skillful hands.
  3. Transition from routine in the world of passion and bliss.
  4. Subtle notes of erotic.
  5. Relaxing music.

At your request, a girl can come dressed to the session, and then under the soft music put aside her clothes on the ground. Or, on the contrary, when you go into the room, a beautiful girl will be fully exposed and excitingly waiting for you in the foam bath. In any case, you can rely on the fact that you will be brought to the highest point of bliss. You have come here exactly for these feelings. The emotions will fill you up. Your wishes will come true with our help. Why should you dream, if you are worthy to carry out your imaginations? You will not be able to think you will float away into the distance of unearthly pleasure!