Everybody knows the phrase erogenous zones. Such parts on the human body are especially susceptible to stroking, petting, to different kinds of kisses. Their stimulation gives strong tactile sensations, allows to test waves of sexual excitation.

But for some reason, many believe that men’s erogenous zones include only penis, and women’s — vagina and breasts. More advanced know that all female body represents one erogenous zone, of course, with proper treatment. But what about men? How to make erotic massage to men, utilizing all the erogenous zones?

Where are the erogenous zones of the male body?

During the intimate massage, there is a stimulation not only of a sexual member, but also of other body parts which are responding violently on caress, such as a head, a neck, a breast, hands and legs, a stomach, a back, a butt, well and finally, sexual organs.

Let’s start with a head. Typically, sexual foreplay is, first of all, kissing, tongue and lips are full of nerve endings. But during a massage it is necessary to involve other areas such as ear lobes, ears and a sensitive skin behind them.

Eyes are also considered as men’s erogenous zone. Seductive bodies of beautiful girls while doing a massage will serve as an additional source of temptation. Of course, by massaging only the erogenous zones of a head, it is hardly possible to bring a man to relax, but it is possible to use them for foreplay or during intermediate stages.

Massage technique for men

After a small preparatory stage, we go down. Weasels are switching to the neck, also attention is paid to the cavities above the collarbones. We go down even further – now fondling during a massage for men focus on the nipple breasts, armpits, folds of elbow joints. Easy contacts as wings of butterfly, accidental touches, and a man begins to experience a real euphoria. Such a state of catharsis is already quite close to orgasm.

Gradually go down, masseuse’s caresses directed at an abdomen, and erogenous point in this area – navel and the area around it. Tongue, lips and hands of massage therapists gently stimulate these erogenous zones. Now with a relaxing massage for men, you can move on to more daring caresses. According to the Kama Sutra human’s back is full of sensitive zones, this especially applies to a zone, which is called scruff. Butt also requires special attention. Butt massage for men is a freedom for creativity, one can choose such techniques as patting, pinching, light touch lips, playful spanking, it all takes an incredible bliss, which proceeds to the final stage.

Sexual organs massage

The most erogenous zones on a man’s body are penis and scrotum. Genitals’ stimulation is not always done correctly, but if you trust in expert hands of professional massage therapist, the massage will be exciting and productive. Do not think that everything will be reduced to the ordinary masturbation, doing massage for men, our girls masters of their craft use a variety of different techniques. Their fantasy is inexhaustible, it’s not only light stroking and touching, full body comes into play, and the response will be forthcoming.

Intimate massage goal consists in sexual stimulation, it is indispensable to those who by tantric expression has a cold in the lower abdomen. It eliminates erection problems, helps with sexual dysfunctions, including failure to reach orgasm, and also at constant premature ejaculation. In these cases, massage treatment for men is the best option. Skillful hands of massage therapists cope with energy blocks and present the long-awaited bliss.

Before passing to beautiful masseuse’s hands you take a weakening shower accompanied by a chosen girl. Bathing ritual prepares you for further sacrament. In comfortable apartments, wonderful music will sound, east aromas will soar in air, intimate illumination will help to create magical atmosphere.

You will be sitting on a comfortable massage couch, and feel like playful fingers are rubbing your skin with fragrant oils for a better massage effect. Give your body at full power of a beautiful girl, do not close your eyes, because that way you can enjoy the charming view of the female body. And at the moment when it is over you realize that tomorrow you will definitely come back here again.

Intimate massage in Kiev is offered by many salons, but not all of them can boast by the professional massage therapists. And if you liked how the girl held a massage, then you can be sure that you found your personal masseuse, who will save you from anxiety, return your potency and force to life.