Additional service Touches: the highest level of erotic massage

Absolutely no man can say that he does not want an erotic massage from a seductive charmer. Our specialized salon offers both traditional massages and techniques with a touch of eroticism. But sometimes it is not enough for the client. So we are ready to offer you not just an erotic massage from a professional beautiful massage therapist, but something more – an opportunity to touch the girl’s body.

Coming to us for relaxation, you come not just to an ordinary massage salon, and open the door to a wonderful world, where do not exist any taboos or problems. Affection, warmth and sexual emotions are killing your hunger here. Probably in the world there is nothing more beautiful than a gentle, but at the same time, persistent touch of the charming girl’s fingers.


Additional service Touches: what is it?

Everybody knows what traditional massage is, few people know what erotic massage is. Many people mistakenly believe that this vulgar act entails mandatory sexual intercourse. But is it true?

Erotic massage with additional service Touches includes:

  • massage is done by a girl with special formation;
  • naked massage therapists of charming appearance;
  • client is naked also;
  • it is possible to use special things of erotic directions;
  • sexual contact is not permitted;
  • client must be brought to ecstasy – the highest point of pleasure.


Additional service Touches is the type of massage that is sure to satisfy a man sexually. Bodies of the girls who perform erotic massage are ideal and will not leave anyone indifferent. You can touch fit legs of a lady, pat her bouncy breasts, enjoy her plum soft lips.  It’s all just wonderfully unusual.

Time stops in our salon, and there are no more reasons to count minutes. In all the universe, there will be only you and a professional erotic masseuse. After such a wonderful manipulation, your sight will become brighter, and smile for a long time will glow on your face.