Erotic massage for women in KievStressful situations, professional burnout, individual characteristics of women, sometimes, can impede the full disclosure of female sexuality and the proper relaxation of internal systems before sexual intercourse.

For thousands of years, the mystery of erotic massage for women has been passed on to gurus by connoisseurs from India, China, Japan, personal doctors of the empresses, and new generations.

New archaeological excavations, a detailed study of scrolls in ancient Greece and Egypt, more and more revealed the secrets of female sexuality. Nowadays, any master practicing erotic massage for women uses the knowledge of tantric sources based on his techniques.

Intimate massage differs from ordinary massage in that all the manipulations performed are more gentle and affectionate, auxiliary devices are also used: beads, feathers, fur, sticks and newer – vibrating toys, which perfectly complement regular massage with hands.

But it is not necessary to be a sexologist or a professional masseur enough for a sexual partner to pay attention to the body language of his beloved, to the erogenous zones: chest, genitals, earlobes, fingertips, feet, neck, hips, abdomen, lumbosacral, head.

You can do everything that brings pleasure, the main thing is that partners show respect for each other, it is recommended to massage in a pleasant environment, turn on relaxing music, use the aromas of aphrodisiacs. During execution, it is important to resort to all sorts of touches.

– start with the upper body and go down to the feet, slightly stimulating the chest area;
– the first touch is light, then it’s worth moving on to more pressing manipulations;
– Read the psychological reactions of a woman to touch.

Women having a massage in the Bikini salonIt is important to start provoking muscle discharge and gradually achieve relaxation, after which you can move on to more confident stimulation of the erogenous zones by smoothly bringing the female body to the phase of sexual arousal, usually at this stage you can go on to have sexual intercourse or simulate sexual intercourse using a vibrator, when each particle body trembles longing for penetration.

Today there is nothing shameful in using the services of special massage and spa salons that offer erotic massage for women, there are also 4-pair massage techniques for the home, there is the opportunity to use private services from people with extensive experience in this field. There are many different options, it all depends on the level of emancipation of the parties.