To test an exotic Thai massage, there is no more need to buy a ticket to exotic country. Of course, in a distant Thai you can get massage practically anywhere and at any time, a lot of salons are opened in large cities and in small villages. Thai massage in Kiev is not a common service, but if you try and look in the right places, you can find Asian Spa even in this huge city.

Experienced caring hands of masseuses will do with your body incredible things. As practice shows, a fragile Thai girl easily lifts 80 kg client and shakes him up so that all the vertebrae take the correct location.

The founder of Thai massage is Dr. Jivaka, the personal physician of one of the ancient Indian kings. As a rule, massage was applied in a combination with traditional Thai medicine. Massage procedures were conducted with use of the cosmetic oils rendering really magic effect.

How is Thai massage done in Kiev?

Technique of massage is different from other programs, it can be compared with passive yoga.  Can be used both traditional stroking and rubbing and squeezing, twisting, sliding. Master of Thai massage uses not only her hands, but all the other parts of her body.

You can choose any type of Thai massage-classic, erotic, regardless of variety our mistress will influence on biologically active points on your body. While performing the massage, program takes into account the location of energy lines.

Thai massage is quite original, massage therapists use wrists, elbows, knees, a foot, as well as various seductive parts of their body. The girl feels all desires of the visitor, and slowly, but steadily conducts him to the unforgettable ending.

Pros and cons of Thai massage

Positive influence of Thai massage program is difficult to overestimate:

  • Deep relaxation, stimulation of the nervous system, getting rid of stress;
  • Removal of pain in the muscles and tendons, increasing their elasticity;
  • Thai massage helps to relieve swelling, improve circulation, soothes scars, makes the skin tauter;
  • Elimination of toxins, improvement of digestive tract;
  • Gentle stimulation of each body system.

It should be noted, that Thai massage is counter-indicative to pregnant women, people with oncological and heart diseases. Also, it cannot be done at an elevated temperature, damaged muscles, drugs or alcohol intoxication, acute chronic diseases. One should be very careful in areas with varicose veins, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases. Important rule is never to do a massage on an empty stomach.