Additional service Private dance: sexy body movements

Strip in Bikini SalonWe work only for those who are not afraid of bright erotic sensations. Movement of stunning beautiful massage therapists are unpredictable: at one point they can be gentle, and then become defiant. In these moments, the man feels excitingly helpless. Because it does not depend on anything in particular, our masseuse controls everything during the session. The client will completely relax and will reach the highest point of pleasure when both of you will be ready to this event. But erotic massage – it’s not the only thing that can impress sexy thirsting clients in our salon. For more acute emotions you can also take an additional service Private dance.

Incomparable and extraordinary experiences

Stripper on the podiumExtraordinarily beautiful and experienced masseuse of erotic massage will give you an additional service Private dance. Erotic body movements and then caress, relax and will provide a possibility to forget and be dissolved in this procedure. You just imagine how passionate girl gives you all her tenderness. And it is possible that you will not see her again in reality. It’s like a dream which does not happen to you. You can only enjoy her sexy curves and shake from rolling excitation.

Blissful emotion from Private dance:

  1. Passion, which is impossible to hide.
  2. Body break on the smallest molecules.
  3. Excitation and pulsing of all body parts.
  4. Relaxation from sensual erotic massage.

Caresses of all body parts, also including those intimate. You will surely find yourself on top of the world. We guarantee you complete and unforgettable relaxation. An additional service Private dance session starts with a soft erotic show, which will move in for a relaxing massage. All actions are filled with sexuality, tenderness and sensuality. Attention is given to every erogenous zone. The effect will impress its blissfulness and relaxation. In just a short time you will find yourself on the top of excitement. Girl’s efforts will allow you to experience an incredible ecstasy.  Energy, excitement and relaxation are guaranteed to you.